About us

Nightingale Collections is a family company established in 1912 by my Great Grandfather who came from a long line of Artisans and craftsman who specialise in manufacturing Handicrafts and beautiful, distinctive scarves and shawls that are in many instances one of a kind, as is the case with Hand-Embroidered pieces from Kashmir.

Individual, literally, in every way, you won’t see another like it as these Hand-Made Scarves in some cases take months to make. Only very skilled craftsmen & women who have had their skill passed down through the generations can do this type of work. The many branches of our family tree work as a collective and we are very proud to keep our traditions alive in this centuries old art form. Kashmir industry is a cottage one; methods have changed little over the centuries. The original environmentally sustainable and ethical manufacturing businesses, long before it became a buzzword. Families live together and in our case work together.

Our Head Office being based in the Himalayan state of Kashmir we have a distinctive range of scarves and shawls from the famous Cashmere Goat, universally known by anyone who has worn one for its extreme warmth, lustrous feel and silken appearance. We have evolved from traditional methods of Hand-Embroidered and Hand Loomed textiles to also keep on trend with today’s fashion and have a contemporary range of exquisite Digital and Printed Scarves from Australian Merino Wool and Silk.

We’ve been operating our Australian Branch since 1988 and the inspiring colours, flora and fauna of this amazing country are reflective in our designs which we have incorporated into some of our range. We actually use Australian and New Zealand Merino Wool in a vast range of our Scarves and Shawls.